The Golf Pair Up Story

During the summer of 2012, I was doing a lot of golfing as a single walk on. This was mainly due to the fact most of my friends either don't golf or are shift workers, with a schedule that rarely lined up with mine. 

This left me unable to phone ahead to book a Tee Time as a single. This meant my days of golfing usually started with going out to the course and just hoping I got paired up with some likeminded people, or at least by myself. Often I would end up playing through group after group, and we all know that feeling; it can affect a golf game to constantly have strangers waiting for you to swing and play through. I ended up feeling my days on the course were a waste of time and money. 

Then one day I was golfing and it came to me. Simple! What if there was a web site that I could log into and see other singles looking to get out and play -- why not join them? Meeting new people is enjoyable and what's better than networking while learning more about the game we love? 

So I started working with Schif And The City on building this dream website. came to be and the concept continued to grow. is the future of social networking for golfers. Think about it! Finally a network where a golfer can build a circle of competitors, friends and golf courses, assemble tournaments and competitions big or small, all while getting honest reviews and course conditions with up-to-date pictures. is my gift to golf. It's my way of giving back to the game we love! 

Scott Strader, Founder,